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Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga,Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru 
ED song-Tsuki no CROSS



I’m very sorry about my absence on this blog, & honestly, i’m unsure of when productivity will return to a static constant. Me & Shadow’s musing have been playing this strange game of cat & mouse recently & i just can’t seem to catch it. From the beginning problems that frequently carry with the Sonic fandom, to the after-wind of crap that accompanies tumblr rp, to my constant state of disheartened-ness; I’m going to have to declare this blog on indefinite Hiatus for as long as until Shadow’s musing returns. I don’t expect it to be long. Perhaps a week, maybe two at best. But honestly, the way things are right now, I can’t do it man. I see thievery left & right in my absence & my overall morale for running anyblog on tumblr is virtually non-existent.  I’ll be back when i can, but for now, this blog is on hiatus. I’ll set up a Queue at my earliest convenience to retain productivity, & the tag will be #Chaos Q, feel free to blacklist. Thank you to everyone who will stick with this blog though this lack of activity.




every day of my life i laugh about sonic maurice hedgehog


                                                 some call it “arrogance”,
                                                             i call it “C O N F I D E N C E.”

sonic is a poser
silver is a loser
mephiles is a poser MK II

i’m just fucking amazing.



                             vibrant hues of orange and yellow have
                             focused upon the peculiar being’s form,
                             finding his entire visage uncomfortably
                             familiar. His entire build resembled that
                             of someone she held quite d e a r to
                             herself—-but something was different. 
                             The general tone of his colors and shift
                             of energy was no where near the same
                             of her King of Time. Slender arms thus
                             cross over her silken chest, and red lips
                             part to utter word. 

                             ” ——you share a disturbing resemblance
                              to someone I k n o w…. 

                                                       state your name, stranger. 


     chaotic       inbound. RAW, UN-BORROWED. ethereal  scent,  musk  & dirt;
     the chronic bless to a verbosed masculinity ( or maybe blind foolishness ),
     whereas  frivolous-y  accustom  all-the-later.  determination engraved into
     ebony & heaven-ward features express his shift in soul,  and his  dart  from
     the  mundane  plague.  it’s  not the task, discerning his difference,  but  to
     know  HIS  identity  exist more-so the common hassle. & such  he  all  but
     barely  passes  it aside. zephyr torn free in gruff shroud,  twigs  entwine  &
     pivoting rubies forewarning a divine adherence. on the bias of relevance
     to a cyan counteraction; he retort.


     ’ shadow, shadow the hedgehog. ’ & retain his stoic-kept visage ( entitled
     only to icen front & luminous insolence. ’ who’s asking is a better question. ‘